How the Blue Crab Festival & Little River have Grown!


What began in 1981 as a small waterfront gathering, the now ‘World Famous’ Blue Crab Festival has grown into a premier event that draws visitors from all over the Country. When the Blue Crab Festival began, its main goal was to bring visitors to the historic waterfront in support of the local restaurants, businesses, accommodations and entire community as a whole. A few vendors, eager to be a part of the new event, set up under the mossy strewn live oak trees… and a festival was born. Later, music and entertainment, a bevy of food displaying the areas traditional seafood specialties and unique arts & crafts were added… and here we are, more than thirty years later. This year’s festival organizers expect over 50,000 people to attend our fun filled, two day festivities.


The Festival’s success is mirrored by Little River’s incessant growth … as one has definitely influenced the other … and continues to do so. A dedicated and hard working Committee, consisting of Waterfront and community business owners, local residents and festival/event specialists, have come together to expand the festival and make sure the celebration reflects the Festival’s proud origin. In addition to the fabulous 2 day Festival, the event has an annual Beauty Pageant that boasts over 50 contestants and we previously held an annual 5-K run held along the beautiful the waterfront.


All of these events were designed to expand the festival audience and create a family fun event, exposing the many assets of the Little River community and surrounding areas to its residents and visitors. Additionally, the Festival brings the community together, working as one, to enhance and support each other in a common goal of individual pride and success. By exposing members of the community to the Festival and its unique goals, thankfully, the volunteer pool continues to grow… and business and organizations continue to increase their support and sponsorships.


Everyone enjoys the weekend’s festivities, and locals and visitors alike attend this celebrated annual event, to experience the fun and tradition. The goal is certainly for folks to have a good time, and create many great memories to last them a lifetime, but the Festival Committee has an additional goal, too. The ‘World Famous’ Blue Crab Festival is unique, in that its purpose is to raise money to help support the community, local organizations and its residents. Leaders within the community have come together year after year and identified the needs of community projects and non-profit groups within the local area that the festival can possibly assist. By combining their resources, and being the dedicated civic minded committee they are, they want to be involved and do all they can to make a difference.


Additionally, events are held throughout the year that the Festival Committee participates in, on behalf of the ‘World Famous’ Blue Crab Festival, to supplement the local community and to promote Little River. Annually, we rely on your contributions as a supporter to participate, purchase tickets, t-shirts and souvenirs, making this one of the most well attended and respected 2 day festivals in South Carolina and along the South East Region.


For the last 30 years, the Little River community has had this festival and its affiliated activities, to promote the quaint and distinctive area that it calls home. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished to date… in support of our residents, and look forward to its continued and growing success, with a family fun atmosphere and the cherished tradition that it brings to us all.


Thousands of man hours, hundreds of volunteers, intense planning and professional organizing accomplishes a successful production of this great event allowing you to be able to call the ‘World Famous’ Blue Crab Festival your own.
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